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Flower Containers on Glendale Blvd
Glendale Blvd
On June 5th, 2004 FAV Board members and volunteers completed
FAV’s latest Neighborhood Matching Fund Project. As you travel on
Glendale Blvd you will see ten new flower containers planted with
Kangaroo Paw. This project began with a neighborhood cleanup in
March to get Glendale Blvd ready for its new addition. During the
clean up we were assisted by MTA, Operation Clean Sweep and the
cities Bulky Item Truck. We also received help from many volunteers
including the kids from the Chevy Chase Rec Center Teen Club.  All
volunteer hours count as $10 toward the match of our NMF projects.

On June 5th we were assisted by Richard and his crew from Los
Feliz Pottery. The flower containers were purchased from Los Feliz
Pottery and they made a generous in Kind donation of a portion of
the set up fee to be used toward the match of our NMF projects.
We were also lucky enough to have the services of Ray Valentine from Maintaining Mother Earth. Ray and his crew
picked up and delivered to the site all the materials needed to complete our planting. Ray also donated some of his
consulting fees to help with the match. Ray researched and helped us select the Kangaroo Paw as our choice for the
planters. Anigozanthos, Kangaroo Paw, are evergreen perennials that bloom from Spring to Fall. The larger plants will
grow up to 6’ and the dwarf varities will reach 2’ – 3’. The plants take full sun and take little care once established.
These businesses on Glendale Blvd signed agreements to keep them watered:
Thomas Carrillo:
Pets Lover
Vincent Juddvalkis: Amer Lithuanian Nat’l Center
Adrian Ezree: Viva Bakery
Vincent Sandoval: Wells Fargo Bank
Allsion Harter: Pilates Metro
Peggy McCloud : Jill’s Paint
Lourdes Rivas: Pampered Birds
Nasser Saee: Osteria Nonni Restaurant
Blanca Ruiz & Tony Saenz: Casablanca Hair Salon
Enrique Lima: Manila Oriental Market
Rowena Maukay: Jackson Federal Bank
Romi Rios: Via Romi Salon
Thanks to everyone who helped with the Flower Container Project
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