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"Blot the Blight" on Fletcher Drive
With the help of  community volunteers, artist Rafael Escamilla, and a Neighborhood Matching
Funds Grant FAV was able to "bolt the blight" on Fletcher Drive. The once-blighted eyesore that
was the property walls of Mortarless Building Supply at Fletcher Drive & Larga Avenue has been
turned into glorious tribute to local and state landmarks.
This FAV Project was completed on Tuesday, May 29th 2001
This projects was launched on April
28th 2001 with a neighborhood
clean-up, the mural first required the
scrapping of old paint 1/4 inch thick.
This was accomplished with the help
of the community youth, the entire wall
was cleaned the very first weekend.

Able assistance from community
adults allowed Rafael to sketch the
outline and direct the coloration. The
painting process continued through
May 18th, 2001
On May 29th, 2001 with much fanfare FAV,
Rafael, and the Community celebrated the
successful completion.

This mural was personalized for our area with
landmarks we see from Atwater Village. The
artist was able to include: the Griffith
Observatory, the Forest Lawn Memorial
Building, Fletcher Drive Bridge, Van de
Kamp's Bakery, the Great Heron Gate at
Rattlesnake Park, the Red Car that had
crossed Fletcher Drive in the 1940's and
1950's, and a neighborhood home.
Special Thanks

Rafael Escamilla
(Mural Artist)

Joey Ranieri
(Owner of Morterless)

The Community of Atwater Village!
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