The Making of the "Revisit the Red Car" Mural
Photo Gallery
Rafael Escamilla, mural lead artist.
The making of the mural started with a neighborhood
cleanup event with special focus on cleaning up the newly
Red Car River Park.
Scaffolding was used to paint the mural on the upper part of support
pillar, the same pillar that the Red Car passed over across the Los
Angeles River. Special thanks to Ray Valentine (
Maintaining Mother
Earth) for braving gravity and helping FAV assemble the scaffolding.
Forefront: Rafael Escamilla, Netty Carr, Cesar Portillo
Background: Ann Lawson, Joe Caravella, Ray Valentine
The mural was painted over several days and completed in mid
October 2005. The artists often worked late into the night under
flood-lamps. Special thanks to Darin Williams (
Select Patrol) for
providing overnight security.
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