Take Back Fletcher Drive - Background Information

Fletcher Drive is Atwater’s most southern business corridor that spans from the Los Angeles River / Fletcher Drive Bridge to Casitas
Avenue / Railroad overpass just before San Fernando Road. Fletcher Drive is home to some residential housing (apartments and small
duplexes) and about 30 family owned small businesses.

Fletcher Drive arguably endures more crime and “quality-of-life” problems than Atwater’s other business corridors; Los Feliz Blvd and
Glendale Blvd.  Crime on Fletcher Drive has noticeably increased in the past few years; narcotic activity, alcohol induced harassments
against businesses and residents, prostitution and graffiti are a daily common place occurrence.

In February 2006 merchants and residents formed an informal volunteer group dedicated to improving Fletcher Drive. They are calling t
their improvement efforts the “Take Back Fletcher Drive” campaign and are currently working with local government and community
groups to make Fletcher Drive a better place to live and do business.

Current “Take Back Fletcher Drive” efforts are focused in crime reduction, graffiti abatement and general beautification. The campaign  
has already coordinated improvement project with established community groups (Friends of Atwater Village and the Atwater Griffith
Park Chamber of Commerce) and the City (CD13 and LAPD).

Recent and ongoing collaborative Fletcher Drive improvement projects include:
  • Neighborhood Clean-up event w/ Friends of Atwater Village
  • Refurbishment of Mortarless Building Supply graffiti abatement mural w/ Atwater Griffith Park Chamber of Commerce.
  • Establishment of “Business Crime Watch” w/ LAPD and CD13

For questions or more information about this project or the Take Back Fletcher Drive Campaign please contact:

Luis Lopez
Project Coordinator
2751 Fletcher Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
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FAV Community Projects
Completed in October 2006 this 60ft long and 16ft high mural serves to abate graffiti, promote Atwater Village /
railroad history and beautify Fletcher Drive. This community project was a collaborative effort between Friends of
Atwater Village and the “Take Back Fletcher Drive” Campaign; an ongoing effort to improve Fletcher Drive. The
mural’s physical address is 3105 Casitas Avenue, adjacent to the Casitas Avenue / Fletcher Drive overpass.

Special Thanks to…
Mr. Rafael Escamilla, the Lead Muralist; for doing another outstanding work of art!
Mr. Shin Ryono, owner of Samurai Auto Repair; for allowing the mural to be placed on his building.
Mr. Ray Valentine, of Maintaining Mother Earth; for donating landscaping services
Atwater Village Neighborhood Council, in particular Mrs. Perla Miranda, Ms. Di Rodriguez and Ms. Marylou
; for fully funding the mural project.