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Turning underused green space into The Red Car River Park
FAV hopes to restore an existing pocket park on the LA River, and add a
mural commemorating the Red Car that once crossed the river at this

We hope to reclaim a small pocket park installed by
Northeast Trees on the
Southeast side of the Hyperion Bridge at the LA River, and to paint a
on one portion of the original Pacific Electric trestle to commemorate the
Red Car that passed over the LA River at this site as it entered Atwater

We are fortunate to have the soft-bottom section of the LA River - one of
the most beautiful stretches of the river - as one of our community's
borders.  We would like to connect the community to this wonderful

This portion of the river supports a wide variety of plants and bird-life.
We support all efforts to make the river accessible to the community, and
would like to reclaim this area. A
mural commemorating the Red Car will be
visible from the freeway, and will allow us to revisit our community history.
Positive affirmations will reinforce ideas or respect for all on the top and
side of the trestle facing the pocket park.
Northeast Trees created a pocket park on this site several years ago.  It us underused by the community, and the site
is heavily blighted by graffiti.

The overall impression is a very uninviting and creates dangerous gateway to our community.  Atwater Village as a
whole suffers from a lack of recreation and green space.  While much progress has been made by the community to
reclaim the river bank as seen by the LA River Walk north of Hyperion Bridge, the area south of the bridge has not
been reclaimed by the community.  We are very excited that
NET is also focusing on improving this area. Atwater
Village students walk the area of the Hyperion Bridge and the pocket park daily on their way to Marshall High School.  
Our local children need safe recreational spaces and safe walkways to school.

The pocket park will be attractively re-planted with native plants, river rock hardscape will be sandblasted, and where
possible improvements will be made to the site to make it safer and more accessible for local residents seeking
recreation and re-connection to the river.  Existing hardscape includes a bike rack, river-rock seating areas, which will
be cleaned of graffiti. The end result will be a more visually inviting and accessible park.

We plan to use the theme of "respect nature and your community" on the mural to be painted on the existing trestle.
The mural will be visible from the freeway and the bridge, and will serve as a welcoming entryway to our community.
photos of the underused green space
Spring 2005
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